Don Sheppard, P. Eng.

Don Sheppard is the Senior Consultant for ConCon Management Services.

Don is an experienced information and communications technology consultant, advisor, author and facilitator.

Don’s assignments have included procurement, requirements development, whitepaper writing, project support and technology evaluation/assessment.

Don’s interests lean towards infrastructures, public services (e.g., social networking), media convergence and service management.  Areas of recent focus include the architecture and management of service-based IT and the ongoing development of Cloud Computing and Software-defined Networks.  don is also blogging about the changes we face in moving towards the Digital Economy/Era.

Don is a long-term supporter and promoter of IT standards, especially at the ISO/ITU level.

One of Don’s key strengths is his ability to “bridge” the gap between the technology of IT and the challenges of its management. Developing roadmaps, architectures, services, infrastructures and their integration into technical plans and strategies are areas where Don’s experience has proven to be valuable to his clients.

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